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New features in Talend Cloud Migration Platform R2023-09

Feature Description

Talend Administration Center registration

Registration and last update dates are now tracked and displayed in Talend Cloud Migration Platform.

Talend Administration Center project migration

In the case of a user being part of a group already authorized, the user will not be added as individually authorized.

Talend Administration Center task migration

Support of the task JVM parameters. The JVM task parameters are migrated as a dedicated run profile for the selected runtime engine (Remote Engine or Cluster) in Talend Management Console.

Talend Administration Center task triggers migration

To support Talend Management Console requirements, the trigger start dates are now set as the migration time plus five minutes.

Talend Administration Center inventory: APIs improvements

  • The response time of the GET task list endpoint for large Talend Administration Center environments has been improved.
  • A new endpoint has been added to be able to return the total task number of a Talend Administration Center environment.
  • A new endpoint has been added to return the task details with its associated list of parameters, including the JVM parameters and triggers.

Talend Administration Center inventory: UI improvement

  • A new TAC ID column in the TAC servers list page has been added.
  • New TAC ID and Task ID columns in the Tasks list page have been added.

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