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Notable fixes and Known issues for API in R2024-01

Notable fixes

Issue Description
TPOPS-6882 Behavior for workspace permission verification is inconsistent between plan update and plan creation. Systematic verification of workspace permissions has been implemented for both operations to address this inconsistency.


Some data service tasks can be stuck in deploying or undeploying status, preventing deletion. They have been unlocked for easy removal.
TPOPS-7520 Workspace API calls fail with the following error message:
class org.talend.ipaas.web.common.bean.BaseEnvironment
cannot be cast to class 
TPOPS-7520 Users with minimal yet enough permissions are unduly restricted from creating tasks.
TPOPS-7278 All artifact deletion calls fail with 403 or 400 error messages.


The following missing execution filters have been added to the execution history API:
  • The execution duration filter
  • The flow version filter (task ID filter must be used at the same time)
  • The log level filter (task ID filter must be used at the same time)



The resolution of data inconsistency issue has been expanded to include more data integration tasks and plans:
  • Data integration tasks: false running or pending old tasks were incorrectly appearing in the Operations page. This fix completes TPOPS-6897 to address more edge cases.
  • Plans: inconsistencies in the status display of failed plans between the Operations page and the Plan details page have been resolved for all new plan executions.

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