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Talend Cloud Data Catalog and Talend Data Catalog Applications

New features and improvements

Feature Description

Available in

REST API: inconsistent behavior between UI and API when deleting a user

New parameter newOwner added to the function DELETE /admin/users to allow the ownership of customizations to be transferred when a user is being deleted.

All Talend Data Catalog licenses

REST API DataClasses (Repository): doesn't return "Classification groups"

Added a new field classification group in the result of GET /repository/dataClasses.

All Talend Data Catalog licenses

Configuration statistics: export to CSV missing configuration name The name of the configuration is added to the CSV download for configuration and lineage statistics.

All Talend Data Catalog licenses

Notable fixes

Issue Description

Available in

Object overview: sensitivity label removed after import

Properly cache the sensitivity label after a model is reimported.

All Talend Data Catalog licenses

Object / Overview / Attributes / Collection: impossible to add

Fixed the attribute sheet widget to properly handle collections editing.

All Talend Data Catalog licenses

Object search: greater or equal filter is incorrect

Properly track the approval of objects in the audit log.

All Talend Data Catalog licenses

Data Mapping Script import: import failed when mapping multiple source fields to a single target field

Improved processing of hierarchical files when importing from Data Mapping Script files in Data Mapping.

All Talend Data Catalog licenses

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