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New Microservice build type to replace deprecated Spring Boot Microservices The Microservice build type is now supported for Routes and Data Service Jobs to replace the deprecated Spring Boot Microservice with the following advantages:
  • /services is now part of the configuration using the server.servlet.context-path parameter and can be avoided.
  • The size of Microservice build artifact is lower than the Spring Boot Microservice.
  • Publishing of Microservice to an artifact repository is now possible (from the Studio or with CI).
  • Use of a custom path for management endpoints is allowed with the management.server.base-path parameter. For Talend Cloud users, it requires Talend Remote Engine to be updated in R2024-03.
  • Ability to allow Prometheus endpoint is added for data services which will work from 8.0.1-R2024-03.
New Microservice build type.
Known impacts:
  • Configuration is not applied when running Microservices in the Studio. For example, custom servlet context path is not used and management endpoints are not available.
  • Environment variables to use for Basic Authentication are now MS_SECURITY_USER_NAME and MS_SECURITY_USER_PASSWORD (needed for Talend Management Console to retrieve Microservice status and metrics).
Known issues:
  • Use of contexts is not fully supported yet. Default context is always used.
  • As of now, configuration does not support spaces around the “=” sign in case of Cloud deployments (will be fixed in the next Remote Engine version).
  • A few UI issues have been identified in build and publish wizards, which do not prevent features to work as expected and will be fixed in 8.0.1-R2024-03.
  • An unexpected message is displayed at Microservice startup:
    WARNING: sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass is not supported. This will impact performance.
  • For data services, metrics are not visible in Talend Management Console. This will be fixed in 8.0.1-R2024-03.
  • A Route leveraging Jetty component in a cMessagingEndpoint will fail to run.

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