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Upcoming software requirements

Most modules can be started with Java 17 from R2023-10. From R2024-05, Java 17 will become the only supported version to start most Talend modules, enforcing the improved security of Java 17 and eliminating concerns about Java's end-of-support for older versions. In 2025, Java 17 will become the only supported version for all operations in Talend modules.

Changes coming in R2024-05

From R2024-05, these modules will require Java 17 to start:
  • Talend Administration Center
  • Talend Data Preparation
  • Talend Data Stewardship
  • Talend Dictionary Service
  • Talend Identity and Access Management
  • Talend Installer
  • Talend SAP RFC Server
  • Talend Studio

This change is being announced in advance to provide enough time for you to plan the update of your environments to use Java 17.

Changes coming in 2025

At some point in 2025, Talend Studio will also require Java 17 to build and run all artifacts and will no longer support running them with Java 8 and 11. Runtime applications, such as Talend JobServer and Talend Runtime for example, will continue to support running artifacts with Java 8, 11, and 17 for an extended period of time.

To prepare for this change, we recommend that you plan the migration of your artifacts so they can run on Java 17. From R2023-10, you can enable Java 17 from the Talend Studio configuration and rebuild artifacts to make them compatible with Java 17. For more information, see Compatible Java Environments.

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