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Upcoming changes in Talend Management Console

The R2024-07 July release will include the following changes:

  • Smart timeout update:

    The Smart timeout Beta option in task scheduling will be removed in the R2024-07 (July 2024) release. If you are currently using this feature, your task configuration will be automatically updated to the Custom timeout. If no value is set for Smart Timeout, it will default to No timeout.

  • Transition to the New Operations page:

    Switch to the new Operations page to experience enhanced performance, improved search and filters, as well as new grouping options for plans and specific views for Routes and data service Jobs. The classic view will be discontinued in the July release.

  • Java 11 upgrade for Cloud Engines:

    In the July release, Cloud Engines will be upgraded to Java 11 for task executions, making Java 11 the default. If you need to run your tasks on Java 8, an API will be provided later in the June release to allow executions on Java 8.

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