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Restarting the Remote Engine Gen2

Depending on how/where you installed the Remote Engine Gen2, the procedure to restart it might differ slightly.


Execute the following command to restart the engine:
./ restart

on Unix systems

remote-engine.bat restart

on Windows systems

Troubleshooting: Errors due to container auto-restart

The Remote Engine Gen2 Docker containers are configured to automatically restart when they were not properly stopped in the first place and the Docker daemon starts again. This case occurs especially when the engine is installed on an virtual machine (like an EC2 machine) and the VM is shut down and restarted again.

In this situation Docker containers will be restarted automatically but this might not bring services up correctly, preventing the engine from reconnecting to Talend Cloud.

  • Make sure the|bat file is configured as a service of the Operating System so that the|bat stop command is executed when the Operating System is shutting down and ./ start -r <region> -k <pair_key> (Unix) or remote-engine.bat start -r <region> -k <pair_key> (Windows) is executed when the Operating System is starting.

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