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Enabling remote run in Talend Studio for Job debugging

It is possible to run and debug designs on a Remote Engine directly from Talend Studio.

Before you begin

  • You have created a Remote Engine in Talend Management Console.
  • You have paired the Remote Engine with your account.
  • You have Execute right on the workspace of the Remote Engine.
  • The Remote Engine is not part of a Remote Engine Cluster.
  • You have Infrastructure Administrator role in Talend Management Console.
  • If Talend Remote Engine and Talend Studio are not installed on the same machine, you must ensure that the machine where Talend Studio is installed can access the machine where the Talend Remote Engine is installed.


  1. Open the Processing page then click the Engines tab.
  2. Select the environment of the engine from the Environment drop-down-list.
    You can also use the search box and the filter options to filter the list.
  3. Open the Remote Engine you want to use for running or debugging your design.
  4. Click Settings.
    As your engine is already paired, the fields on this tab are automatically filled with information retrieved from that engine.
  5. Toggle the remote run/debug feature to Enabled.
  6. Optional: The IP address of the engine to be used is displayed in the Host field. If needs be, click the icon to make changes.

    By default, this IP address is retrieved via automatic API calls, so that you do not need to manually edit this field. However, in some circumstances, you could still need to make manual changes. For example:

    • For some reasons such as temporary network issues, the IP address of this engine was not succesfully retrieved.
    • The IP address has been successfully retrieved but you need to use its hostname (alias) instead in this field.
    Click anywhere else to validate this change. Then messages appear to confirm successful update or report issues.
  7. Click Save.


The design can be run by Talend Studio developers. For instructions, see Executing Artifacts on a Remote Engine from Talend Studio.


Screenshot showing how to enable remote run in Engine details window.

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