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Logging on to the Studio

To log on to the Talend Studio for the first time, do the following:


  1. In the Talend Studio login window, click the Manage Connections button. The connection setup wizard opens.
  2. Click the [+] button under the Connections area to create a new connection, select Remote TAC from the Repository drop-down list, and enter a name for the connection in the Name field.
  3. Provide the following Talend Administration Center logon information:
    1. In the User Name and User Password fields, enter a user name defined and authorized in the Talend Administration Center and the corresponding password.
      Information noteWarning: The logon credential information is case sensitive and must be exactly the same as defined in the Talend Administration Center.
    2. In the Web-app Url field, enter the URL of the Talend Administration Center.
  4. Click the Check url button to verify the Talend Administration Center connectivity.
  5. If the Talend Administration Center connectivity is successful, click OK to create the remote connection. Otherwise, check the user name, password, and/or the Talend Administration Center URL according to the prompt message, and try again.
  6. In the Talend Studio login window, select the remote connection you just created, select the project you want to open from the Select an existing project list, select the project branch you want to work on from the Branch list, and then click Finish to open the project.
  7. Depending on the license you are using, either of the following opens:
    • the Quick Tour. Play it to get more information on the User Interface of the Studio, and click Stop to end it.
    • the Welcome page. Follow the links to get more information about the Studio, and click Start Now! to close the page and continue opening the Studio.
    Information noteTip:

    After your Studio successfully launches, you can also click the Videos link on the top of the Studio main window to watch a couple of short videos that help you get started with your Talend Studio. For some operating systems, you may need to install an MP4 decoder/player to play the videos.


Now you have successfully logged on to the Talend Studio. Next you need to install additional packages required for the Talend Studio to work properly.

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