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Configuring and executing your Job

This example describes how to configure the components using the metadata created in the previous procedure and run your Job.


  1. In the Repository tree view, double-click the Job movies to open it in the design workspace.

    You can skip this step if the Job is already open and active in the design workspace.

  2. In the Repository tree view, expand Metadata > File delimited, and drag and drop the file connection movies or its schema movies_schema onto the tFileInputDelimited component in the design workspace. When asked whether to propagate the changes to the output component, click Yes.

    In the Basic settings tab of the Component view, you'll find that all the parameters of the component have been automatically filled.

  3. Double-click the tLogRow component to open its Basic settings tab view.
  4. In the Mode area, select the Vertical (each row is a key/value list) option for better readability of long fields on the Run console.
  5. Press F6 or click the Run button on the Run view to execute your Job.


The Run console displays the movies information read from the source file.

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