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Configuring the Customer consumer

In this section, the components in the Customer consumer Job is configured.


  1. Double-click tFixedFlowInput to open its Component view.
  2. Click the three-dot button next to the Edit schema field to open the Schema window. Click the plus button once to add one Column to the schema and name it id. Keep the Type field as string. Click OK to validate this schema.
  3. In the Mode area of the tFixedFlowInput basic settings, the active option should be Use Single Table and the id row is already added automatically to the Values table. In the Value column of the Values table, type in 100 within quotation marks.
  4. Double-click tXMLMap to open its Map editor.
  5. In the main row table of the output flow side (right), right-click the column name payload and from the contextual menu, select Import from Repository. Then the Metadatas wizard opens. Expand the File XML node in this wizard, select the schema of the request side and click OK to validate this selection. In this example, the request schema is CustomerServiceOperationRequest.
  6. Click id in the main flow table of the input side (left), hold and drop it to the Expression column corresponding to the id node in the XML tree of the request table on the output side (right). Click OK to validate this configuration.
  7. Double-click the tESBConsumer component to open its Component view.
  8. Click the [...] button next to the Service configuration field to open the WSDL editor, paste the service "http://localhost:8090/services/CustomerService?WSDL" in the WSDL field and click the refresh button to the right to load the information, and then click Finish.


The tLogRow component will automatically retrieve the schema from the previous component. If not, double-click it and click the Sync columns button in its Component view.

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