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Creating a Customer consumer

To create the consumer Job, you need at least these components: an input component to read a data flow; a tXMLMap component that will map this flat data to a hierarchical document, the format expected by ESB components; the tESBConsumer components that will request the corresponding Web service and read its result; and the tLogRow component that displays the Job execution result. For this specific scenario, you will use a tFixedFlowInput as input component to send an id request to the tESBConsumer component.


  1. Right-click Job Designs in the Repository tree view and select Create Job.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, only the first field (Name) is required. Type in CustomerConsumer and click Finish. An empty Job then opens on the main window and you can continue to create the Job.
  3. Add a tFixedFlowInput, a tXMLMap, a tESBConsumer and a tLogRow component by typing its name on the design workspace.
  4. To link the input components to the mapper, simply right-click tFixedFlowInput, hold and drop it to tXMLMap.
  5. To link tXMLMap to tESBConsumer, right-click tXMLMap, hold and drag to tESBConsumer. In the pop-up window that opens, type in the name you want to give to the output row link (request, for example) and then accept the propagation that prompts you to get the schema from tESBConsumer.
  6. Link the tESBConsumer component to the tLogRow with a Response row link.

    The data service consumer Job should look like this:

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