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Adding patterns to the analyzed columns in the delimited file

You can add patterns to one or more of the analyzed columns to validate the full record (all columns) against all the patterns, and not to validate each column against a specific pattern as it is the case with the column analysis. The results chart is a single bar chart for the totality of the used patterns. This chart shows the number of the rows that match "all" the patterns.

Information noteWarning: Before being able to use a specific pattern with a set of columns analysis, you must manually set in the patterns settings the pattern definition for Java, if it does not already exist. Otherwise, a warning message will display prompting you to set the definition of the Java regular expression.

Before you begin

An analysis of a set of columns is open in the analysis editor in the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio.


Select the check boxes of the expressions you want to add to the selected column, then Click OK.
The added regular expressions display under the analyzed columns in the Analyzed Columns view and the All Match indicator is displayed in the Indicators list in the Indicators view.

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