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Important terms in Talend Studio

When working with Talend Studio and in order to understand its functional mechanism, it is important to understand some basic vocabulary.

The following table defines some of the most essential terminology.



Advanced Validation Rules

Extension to standard XML Schema to provide more advanced validation rules without programming.


Gives a description about the metadata that the administrator "attached" to an Entity in the data model.


Consumes data FROM the MDM Hub. A consumer may also be a provider.

Data Container

Holds data of one or several business entities. Data containers are typically used to separate master data domains.

Data governance

The process of defining the rules that data has to follow within an organization.

Data Model

Defines the attributes, validation rules, user access rights and relationships of entities mastered by the MDM Hub. The data model is the central component of Talend MDM. A data model maps to a single entity that can be explicitly defined. Any concept can be defined by a data model.

Data stewardship

The process of validating master data against the rules (data models) that are set in the Studio.


A collection of data models that define a particular concept. For instance, the customer domain may be defined by the organization, account, contact and opportunity data models. A product domain may be defined by a product, product family and price list. Ultimately, the domain is the collection of all entities (data models) that relate to a concept. Talend MDM can model any and many domains within a single hub. It is a generic multi-domain MDM solution.


Describes the actual data, its nature, its structure and its relationships. A data model can have multiple entities.

Event Manager

A service of the MDM Hub responsible for routing events thrown by the MDM Hub to trigger, evaluate their conditions, execute Processes, and trace active / completed / failed actions for monitoring purpose.


Defines a complete Talend MDM implementation. It consists of components for Integration, Quality, Master Data Model, an XML DB interface and operational database, Web Services, Roles Based Access Control, Workflow Engine, the Data Stewardship components and MDM Web Interface. The MDM Hub is configured to meet different business needs.


A Process is executed when the condition specified by the corresponding Trigger is verified. A Process may have several "steps", each step performs a specific task such as: update a record in the hub, run a Talend Job, instantiate a workflow etc.


Feeds data IN to the MDM Hub.


An instance of data defined by a data model in the MDM Hub. Two records may be compared and considered similar or a close match, in which case the records may be linked and one may or may not survive.

Roles Based Access Control (RBAC)

Defines rules for accessing tasks or hub data depending on the role of the person, system or function accessing it.

Talend Studio

The administration user interface built from Eclipse. It allows the administrator of the system to manage and maintain the MDM Hub and all associated Data Integration Jobs through a single console.


Condition for a Process to be executed, based on events thrown by the MDM Hub. Example of a Trigger condition: Agency created and Agency/Revenue > 100. An event may cause more than one Trigger conditions to be true, which will result in several Processes to be executed. Triggers are used to specify when specific Processes such as notifications, duplicate checking, records enrichment, propagation to back end systems, approval workflows etc. should be executed.


A complete or a subset view of a record. A complete view shows all elements or columns in an entity, while a subset view shows some of the elements or columns in an entity. A View may restrict access to attributes of a record depending on who or what is asking for the data.

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