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Accessing data quality items in a referenced project

After the connection between main and reference projects has been established, you can see and share all items from the reference project upon opening the main project in Talend Studio.

You can show them either as part of the Job Design folder or as a separate folder, Referenced Project, that has its own hierarchical tree.

Location of the Referenced project node in the DQ Repository tree view.

You can share any item from the reference project including connections, patterns, indicators, and rules.

Suppose that you have created in Talend Studio a dq_project where you want to use some patterns you created in another project ref_dq_project.

Information noteNote: The Indicator Selection window do not show items from referenced projects.

Before you begin

You need to have read-write access to the projects only for migration purposes upon migrating to a new version or applying a patch.


  1. Launch Talend Studio using a remote connection and the URL of Talend Administration Center or Talend Management Console.
  2. Open the main project.
    All items in the reference project show by default in the repository tree view as a separate reference project preceded by the @ sign and are read-only.
  3. Click Merge project icon on the toolbar to merge both projects in the tree view.
    Names of the items in the referenced projects look unavailable and are followed by the referenced project name they are part of to distinguish them from items in the main project.

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