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Building a Job as a standalone Job

In the case of a Plain Old Java Object export, if you want to reuse the Job in Talend Studio installed on another machine, make sure you selected the Items check box. These source files (.item and .properties) are only needed within Talend Studio.

If you want to include an Ant or Maven script for each built Job, select the Add build script check boxes, and then select Ant or Maven option button.

Select a context from the list when offered. Then once you click the Override parameters' values button below the Context scripts check box, the opened window will list all of the parameters of the selected context. In this window, you can configure the selected context as needs.

All contexts parameter files are exported along in addition to the one selected in the list.

Information noteNote: After being exported, the context selection information is stored in the .bat or .sh file and the context settings are stored in the context .properties file.

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