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Creating a Trigger


Triggers are rules for transforming data. You can easily define Triggers on specific business entities/elements from Talend Studio.

Information noteNote: The section below explains how to create a Trigger from scratch, however, Talend Studio enables you as well to automatically generate Triggers based on the Jobs listed under the Job Designs node in the MDM Repository tree view. You can then do any modifications in the generated Trigger, if required. For further information, see Generating a job-based Trigger.

Parameters to set when defining Triggers include:

  • selecting the business entity you want to Trigger the Process on,

  • setting conditions on its content,

  • deciding the execution mode,

  • selecting the service to Trigger,

  • setting the service parameters.

Prerequisite(s): You have already connected to the MDM server from Talend Studio. You have the appropriate user authorization to create Triggers.

For this example, a data model called Product has been created in Talend Studio. This data model has two business entities: Product and ProductFamily. Several attributes have been created in the Product entity including Price and Family. For further information about how to create a data model, see Setting up a data model.

A Process has been created and named Call_Job. One service has been defined in this Process to launch a validation Job whenever a price of an item that belongs to a specific family has been changed through Talend MDM Web UI. For further information about how to create such a Process, see Creating a Process from scratch.

What is left to be done now is to create a Trigger and configure it to launch the Call a Job from MDM Process that will by turn launch the Talend price validation Job.

The sub-sections below explain in detail the procedures necessary to complete the creation of such a Trigger.

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