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Customizing build script templates for use with Talend CommandLine

If you want to customize a build script template for the use with Talend CommandLine, which is the equivalent of the Talend Studio without GUI, go to the directory where the script file is stored, for example, <studio_installation_directory>\workspace\<project_name>\process\CA_customers. Then, customize the script file according to your need.

The modified script file will be taken into account when a Job, Route or Service is built with the Maven option activated.

Information noteNote: There is no direct customization to the global build script templates for use with Talend CommandLine. As a workaround, you can add template files in the root directory <studio_installation_directory>\workspace\<project_name>\process\ for Jobs, <studio_installation_directory>\workspace\<project_name>\routes\ for Routes, or <studio_installation_directory>\workspace\<project_name>\services\ for Services, and then and modify the XML files. Note that these script templates will apply to all Jobs, Routes or Services in all folders except those with their own build script templates set up.

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