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DataMasking routines

DataMasking routines are portions of code that perform masking on your data. You can use them in the settings of several components in a Talend Job.

To access the functions, in the Repository tree view, go to Code > Global routines > system and double-click DataMasking.

Description and syntax of DataMasking routines
Routine Description Syntax
maskCreditCardNumber Masks a 16-digit credit card number with a defined character from the 5th to the 12th place. DataMasking.maskCreditCardNumber (masks a credit card number)
createRandomString(int valueLength) Creates a random String of defined length. DataMasking.createRandomString (for example: DataMasking.createRandomString(5) gives 1auA5, 11uyd or A1c8j)
blurNumber Adds a random value from a certain range to a numeric value. DataMasking.blurNumber (masks numeric values)
setDefaultValue Returns a default value as String. DataMasking. setDefaultValue (replaces the string to be masked by a given default value)
createIPAdress Creates a random IP address. DataMasking.createIPAdress (masks IP address)

Creates a random IP address and keeps the domain part of the address.

DataMasking.createIPAdressKeepDomain (masks IP address except for the domain name)
createRandomDate (fromYear,toYear) Returns a random date as String in the specified time range. For example, createRandomDate(1900,2016) should return random dates between the years from 1900 to 2016. DataMasking. createRandomDate (masks a date)
createMD5 Calculates MD5 hash value from String.
Information noteRestriction: Use this routine only for migration.
DataMasking.createMD5 (masks a string with MD5)

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