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Defining a match analysis from the Metadata folder


  1. In the DQ Repository tree view, expand Metadata.
  2. Do either of the following operations:
    • Browse the database or the file connection to the table you want to match, right-click it and select Match Analysis, or

    • Browse the database or the file connection to the columns you want to match, right-click them and select Analyze matches.

    The columns you select should be in the same table. Currently, the match analysis does not work on columns in different tables.
    The match analysis editor opens listing all columns in the table or the group of selected columns.
  3. Set the analysis name and metadata and click Next to open the analysis editor.
    Information noteImportant:

    Do not use the following special characters in the item names: ~ ! ` # ^ * & \\ / ? : ; \ , . ( ) ¥ ' " « » < >

    These characters are all replaced with "_" in the file system and you may end up creating duplicate items.

  4. Modify the parameters in the match analysis editor according to your needs.
    For further information, see Configuring the match analysis.

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