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Displaying the error log view and managing log files

Talend Studio provides you with very comprehensive log files that maintain diagnostic information and record any errors that are encountered in the data profiling process.

The Error Log view is the first place to look when a problem occurs while profiling data, since it will often contain details of what went wrong and how to correct it.


  1. Perform one of the following steps:
    • Press the Alt+Shift+Q and then L shortcut keys. The Error log view opens in Talend Studio.
    • Select Window > Show View from the menu bar. The Show View opens.
  2. Start typing error log and select Error Log under General.
  3. Click Open to close the dialog box.

    The Error Log view opens in Talend Studio.

    Overview of the Error log view.
    Information noteNote: The filter field at the top of the view lets you do dynamic filtering. For example as you type your text in the field, the list will show only the logs that match the filter.
    You can use icons on the view toolbar to carry out different management options including exporting and importing the error log files.
    Each error log in the list is preceded by an icon that indicates the severity of the log: Error for errors, Warning for warnings and Information for information.
  4. Double-click any of the error log files to open the Event Detail dialog box.
    Overview of the Event Detail dialog box.

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