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Importing the XML tree structure from an XSD file


  1. In the input flow table of interest, right-click the column name to open the contextual menu. In this example, it is Customer.
  2. From this menu, select Import From File.
  3. In the pop-up dialog box, browse to the XSD file you need to use to provide the XML tree structure of interest and double-click the file.
  4. In the dialog box that appears, select an element from the Root list as the root of your XML tree, and click OK. Then the XML tree described by the XSD file imported is established.
    Information noteNote: The root of the imported XML tree is adaptable:
    • When importing either an input or an output XML tree structure from an XSD file, you can choose an element as the root of your XML tree.
    • Once an XML structure is imported, the root tag is renamed automatically with the name of the XML source. To change this root name manually, you need use the tree schema editor. For further information about this editor, see Editing the XML tree schema.

What to do next

Then, you need to define the loop element in this XML tree structure. For further information about how to define a loop element, see Setting or resetting a loop element for an imported XML structure.

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