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Running the view result through a Process (registry style lookup)


Talend Studio enables you to enrich data, on the fly, by looking up fields in the source system through a Process attached to the View, whether it is a simple or a composite View. Using Processes with Views will help optimizing system performance.

For example, when an interaction is done on a business entity that is not persisted or not totally persisted in the MDM Hub, the MDM Hub will be able to resolve specific elements for this entity by referring to the source system. You can achieve this behavior if you:

  • indicate what elements in the business entity or entities are to be transformed or enriched by the Process,

  • create the corresponding Process,

  • create a View on the viewable/searchable elements in the business entity and attach the Process to this View that will run the view result.

When a steward or a business user connects to Talend MDM Web UI and browse the records/Views of the business entity/entities, the Process will lookup the defined elements (values) from the source system and display them in the web user interface without really saving them in the MDM Hub.

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