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Setting a lookup field


About this task

You can set one or more lookup fields to indicate which elements in an entity or entities are to be transformed or enriched by a Process.

When a steward or a business user connects to Talend MDM Web UI and browses the records or views of the entity or entities, the Process will look up the defined fields (values) in the source system and display them in the web user interface without really saving them in the MDM Hub.

The following example shows how to set a lookup field for the entity Agency in the graphical data model designer:


  1. In the Data Model Entities area, click the entity Agency, and then in the Properties view, click the Extra tab.
  2. Click the down arrow to show the list of fields, then click the field you want to set as the lookup field, and click [+] to add it to the XPath list.
    Alternatively, click ... to open the Select Xpath dialog box to select the desired field.
    In this example, select Agency/Region from the list.
  3. If needed, do the same to add as many fields as needed to the XPath list.
    Only listed fields will be transformed or enriched on the fly by the corresponding Process. If the Process modifies something else in the XML record, these modifications will be ignored at the entity level because the Process will send only the specified fields and not the entire XML record.


Now you can create the corresponding Process, and create a View on the viewable/searchable elements in the business entity/entities and attach the Process to this View that will run the view result. For more information, see Creating a Process to enrich data on the fly and Running the view results through a process.

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