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Setting a repository schema in a Job

If you often use certain database connections or specific files when creating your Jobs, you can avoid defining the same properties over and over again by creating metadata files and storing them in the Metadata node in the Repository tree view of the Integration perspective.


  1. To recall a metadata file into your current Job:
    • Select Repository in the Schema list and then select the relevant metadata file.
    • Or, drop the metadata item from the Repository tree view directly to the component already dropped on the design workspace.
  2. Click Edit Schema to check that the data is appropriate.
    Basic settings view of the component.

    You can edit a repository schema used in a Job from the Basic settings view. However, note that the schema hence becomes Built-in in the current Job.

    Information noteNote: You cannot change the schema stored in the repository from this window. To edit the schema stored remotely, right-click it under the Metadata node and select the corresponding edit option (Edit connection or Edit file) from the contextual menu.

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