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Working collaboratively on project items

When working collaboratively on a project, many users can access an item in the shared repository or at the project level simultaneously. In such a case, the user who opens the item first will have the "read and write" rights. The item will then be locked and read-only for all other users.

If you click the Refresh button in the upper right corner of the Repository tree view, the items that have been locked by other users will have a red lock docked on them. You will not be able to make changes to these items.

By default, upon each action you make in your Talend Studio, the lock status of all items is automatically refreshed too. If you find communications with the Talend Administration Center slow or if the project contains a big number of locked items, you can disable the automatic retrieval of lock status in the Talend Studio preferences settings to gain performance. For more information, see Performance preferences (Talend > Performance).

Items stored in the Repository tree view that are submitted to lock/unlock system include:

  • Jobs,

  • Routines,

  • Metadata of various types (DB connection, File...),

  • Other items such as documentations, etc.

Items at project level are also submitted to lock/unlock system. These items include all Project Settings.

Talend Studio provides several lock modes that allow to grant the "read and write" rights to one of the simultaneous users of the repository item.

Information noteNote: When you work on a Git managed project, depending on the security policy set for Git in Talend Administration Center, you may see a dialog box asking you to provide your Git credentials when Talend Studio tries to connect to Git.
  • If the Git credentials are managed by Talend Administration Center and the Git login and password are not specified in user settings or at user creation, you will be prompted to enter your Git login credentials each time Talend Studio tries to connect to the Git.
  • If the Git credentials are managed by Talend Studio, you will be prompted to enter your Git login credentials when Talend Studio tries to communicate with Git and you have the option to store your Git login credentials in Talend Studio so that you will not be prompted again.

For more information about security policy configuration for Git, see Setting up the Security Policy.

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