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Most of the features described in the previous steps can also be used by leveraging the set of REST APIs Talend Cloud Migration Platform provides.

The Swagger documentation of those APIs can be accessed using the dedicated button in the Profile menu.

Talend Cloud Migration Platform API button

The APIs are separated in several groups, based on their main functions:

  • TAC Management: The Talend Administration Center Management group lists the APIs related to the Talend Administration Center servers registration, update and list. A successful Talend Administration Center registration triggers its inventory.

  • TAC Inventory: The Talend Administration Center Inventory group lists the APIs listing all the assets collected from a registered Talend Administration Center server.

  • TMC Management: The Talend Management Console Management group, similarly to TAC Management APIs, lists the APIs used to register to the Talend Cloud(Talend Management Console) endpoint.
    Information noteImportant: Only one Talend Cloud Migration Platform configuration is supported.
  • TAC to TMC migration: The Talend Administration Center to Talend Management Console Migration group focuses on the migration of the on-premises assets to Talend Cloud as well as the migration history.

  • Project Analysis: The Project Analysis group runs Talend project analyses and retrieves the results in a JSON format.

  • TAC Operation: The Talend Administration Center Operation group allows the collection of the different tasks and plans execution history metrics.

  • Talend Cloud Migration Platform questionnaire: This group contains an API able to retrieve the questions and answers of the questionnaire as a JSON format.

  • Project Quality.
Talend Cloud Migration Platform APIs Swagger page.

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