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Applying a sensitivity label to objects

You can see the Sensitivity Label icon on the top right side of the object pages.

You can review the tagging by removing or changing the label.

You have been assigned an object role with the Data Classification Editing capability.

Applying a sensitivity label

You can apply these labels as follows:
  • Tag each repository object manually.

    The child objects do not inherit the labels applied to their parent objects.

  • Add the labels using the bulk editing capability.

    You can edit multiple objects at the same time and add a sensitivity label from a worksheet.

  • Apply the labels automatically through the automatic detection of data classification.

    You can associate a data class with a sensitivity label in the data class properties. Talend Data Catalog will suggest a data class to an object via the automatic data classification process. When the data class is approved, the label is automatically approved and applied too.

    For example, you associate the SSN data class with the Confidential sensitivity label. Talend Data Catalog suggests the SSN data class for columns detected as SSN. When you approve the data class suggestion, the associated Confidential sensitivity label is also applied to these columns.

  • Tag automatically using inferred sensitivity labels through the data flow lineage.

    When applying a sensitivity label to an imported object, it can be applied downstream in the data flow automatically. It refers to as inferred sensitivity labels.

  • Apply the labels automatically to the newly imported contents in a model already tagged with a sensitivity label.

    Only the newly imported contents can be tagged automatically. The existing contents will not be changed.

Changing the sensitivity label assignment

  1. Go to the object page.
  2. Click the Sensitivity Label icon on the top right side.
  3. Select another label from the list.

Removing a sensitivity label

  1. Go to the object page.
  2. Click the Sensitivity Label icon on the top right side.
  3. Click Remove.
  4. Confirm the removal.

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