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Customizing a tab in the object pages with worksheets

In an object page, some tabs represent a type of child objects related to the parent object. For example, the Categories and Terms tabs are the child object types of a category.

The content of these child tabs displays in a customizable worksheet, so that you can define a new default presentation for each object type.

You can customize a tab or the tab of an object type by applying an existing worksheet or creating a new one.

The following elements can be customized in a child tab:
  • Filter the content using the filter options, so that you can view only the content you are interested in.

    For example, you want to see the list of the terms certified by a user among all the terms of a category.

  • Edit the presentation of the content information using the column display options, so that you can read the information you are interested in faster.

    For example, you need the information on the social curation, term name and certifications displayed in a grid.

You have been assigned a global role with the Worksheet Customization capability.

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