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Managing configuration versions

You have a Talend Data Catalog Advanced or Advanced Plus license edition.

A configuration may have one or more versions. Configuration versions may be understood each as a different collection of versions of repository objects.

You can define several configuration versions, each containing various versions of the repository objects. As a result, you can perform:
  • Historical analysis using configuration versions containing older versions of models which were deployed at some time in the past.
  • What-if analysis using configuration versions containing the versions of models which may be deployed in the future.

You can also publish a configuration version or make it available to specific user groups. You have been assigned an object role with the Metadata Management capability.

To view the configuration versions in the repository, you have an assigned object role with at least the Repository Viewing capability.

A configuration can be used by an administrator to ensure the completeness of what is visible to business users and how all users search and analyze within the full complexity of Talend Data Catalog.

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