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Performing an advanced search using a worksheet

Use a worksheet to perform advanced searches in your configuration.


  1. Go to OBJECTS > Search to open a worksheet.
    You can also use the Search tab of the Explorer panel to perform filtered searches and work with a flat list of search results.
  2. In the toolbar, click Filters to define the contents of your search.
  3. Enter any text in the search box.
    The search is not case sensitive for text, even when using double quotes. However, it is case sensitive for objects, such as label, steward name and custom attribute.
  4. Optionally, click the Search Options icon to configure the search.
    By default, the search is only based on the name and physical name. You can select more options from Search Options, such as Description and Others, including other text properties like comments and custom attributes.
  5. Click FILTER to display the filtering criteria in the Filters panel.
  6. In the toolbar, click Columns to configure the presentation of your search.
    You can configure the display mode, the sort order and the columns displayed in the worksheet.
  7. To save your search in the worksheet, click SAVE AS in the top right corner then enter a name and description.
    You can find your worksheet in WORKSHEETS > Manage.
  8. To share the worksheet with other users, click NOT SHARED then select users or groups.
    Your worksheet is now marked as shared.
  9. Click an element in the search results to open its page.

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