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Providing comments on an object

Comments are free-form text notes which may be queried for, reported on, reviewed and managed by model. A comment tracks its author, creation time and update time.

You can attach any file including pictures and multimedia to the model and refer to them in a comment. You can leave one or more comment(s) per object and see comments made by others.

If you have an assigned object role with the Comment Management capability, you can edit and remove all comments, including ones written by someone else.

Unlike labels, comments only apply to the specific version of the model they were entered in.

Before you begin

You have been assigned an object role with the Comment Editing capability.


  1. Open the object page.
  2. Go to the Comments tab.
  3. In the Comments tab, enter your comment.
  4. Click SUBMIT.

    The comment displays in the Comments tab.

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