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Talend Data Catalog Application

New features and improvements

Feature Description

Data flow lineage diagram: showing dependencies between models

Added support for content/model dependencies lineage in Metadata Management.

Managing global roles: performance issue

Replaced the list of users/groups from the Manage Global Roles grid with a count to improve list performance.

Third-party software: Apache Log4j

Removed data quality third-party software dependency to legacy log4j 1.2.17.

Model / Diagrams / Erwin DM import: support for changeable diagram to show/hide attribute level on entity

Added support for changeable diagram to show/hide attribute level on entity.

Removed the display level menus from imported diagrams in Metadata Management.

REST API: new function GET/repository/getIdFromStableId

Added new function GET/repository/getIdFromStableId.

Security vulnerability: Apache Tomcat

Upgraded Apache Tomcat to 9.0.58 addressing several bug fixes, improvements, and more importantly new security vulnerabilities, such as CVE-2020-9484:

Please refer to the change logs (of the intermediate releases) for the complete list of changes on 9.0.58:

These security improvements are only available in the installation builds from TDC-8-20220214 or later. These improvements are not available in the cumulative patches.

Attribute Statistics widget in dashboards: new tool tip

Removed the Empty Values option from Attribute Statistics widget in dashboards as this option is not applicable in this context.

Fixed an issue where Unassigned Values option was not working.

Added tool tip on the two remaining option labels Unassigned Values and Values with Zero Count.

Manage groups: new option to avoid persisting the session cookie

Added a new option called Use Session Cookies to retain the authentication cookie lifespan to the duration of the browser session.

Note that this option can be applied to any group, including the Everyone group if the administrator wants to apply this security rule to everyone.

Data Flow Lineage: bidirectional graph support Added new Full Data Lineage mode in Data Flow tab.

Object explorer: support for navigation tree location/scope pinning

Added a new navigation tree pinning feature.

Deployment: customizations for object role widget and preference

Improved the responsibilities widget to allow customizing which roles to display by default and changed the UI of the widget.

Notable fixes

Issue Description

Security vulnerability: XML External Entity (XXE) Injection in Default Presentations

Enabled secure options for XML parsing.

Presentation customization: Microsoft BI filtering throws error

Fixed an issue that if one of the children widgets has a null name, it prevents filtering the list of widgets properly.

MQL: Created By and Created Date should be applicable only to Custom Model objects, PDM objects, Semantic Mapping objects and Data Mapping objects

Limited Created By and Created Date to Custom Model objects, PDM objects, Semantic Mapping objects and Data Mapping objects only.

Search: the total number of the search result is not shown when a Sensitivity label is set to the filter

Changed the confusing paging message from 1-50 of ? to 1-50 of many.

Model explorer: Object is not available in this hierarchy for not empty configuration after setting steward for Glossary with acronyms

Fixed the Java NullPointerException occurred in the LuceneNameComparator.

LDAP authentication: automated group assignment always assign user with administrator group

Removed the symbol that was not consistent from the LDAP search filter value.

MQL: Parent.Schemas has no value on a database schema

Fixed the problem that related object property or related object relationship get no value on a multi-model object such as a database schema.

MQL: search for schemas in a multi-model database with a scope filter finds no results

Fixed the problem with scope filter not returning results if the scope filter produces a multi-model.

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