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Talend Data Catalog Application

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Model import/export: added presets management Added presets management in the UI.

Data documentation: added action on any term from the Other Documentation section

Added an Add button to terms appearing in the Other Documentation section to make them part of the Term Documentation.

Object explorer: improved performance Improved performance of canDeleteEntity when the model is not under workflow.
Semantic flow: improved documentation presentation Improved documentation presentation and harmonized the Documentation dialog with the semantic flow tab.
History tab: added audit logging for IP addresses Added audit logging for IP addresses.

Overview: added Conditional Labels in the columns widget

Added new worksheet column Conditional Labels in the columns widget of the Overview page of tables and files.

Changed the worksheet column Conditional labels to show icons only.

Conditional labels: moved the Conditional Labels option Moved the Conditional Labels option from the toolbar to the Display Options menu.

Third-party software: Apache Commons Codec

Upgraded to Apache Commons Codec 1.15.
Physical data model: renamed Diagrams group to ER Diagrams Renamed Diagrams group to ER Diagrams.
Sensitive and Conditional Labels: pre-populated with default samples
Added new files for initialization of default:
  • Sensitivity Labels from <TDC_HOME>/conf/Labels/SensitivityLabels.xml
  • Conditional Labels from <TDC_HOME>/conf/Labels/ConditionalLabels.xml

Object diagram: new Beta feature of graph navigation of relationships

Added a new Graphical Visualization Diagrams tab on the object page of most objects.

Notable fixes

Issue Description

Manage License: error occurs when accessing license menu with the Application Administrator role

Fixed capability check for the login usage in the license menu.
History tab: does not show all repository object activities Changed the Manage repository root object in the History tab to show more repository activities.

History tab: request parameter eventTypes value is invalid

Some audit event types have been removed from the previous release but are still in user preferences after migration. Those deprecated audit events are now ignored.

History tab: user does not have the Metadata Viewing capability on objects Added defensive code to prevent accessing properties of objects without METADATA_VIEWING capabilities.
REST API: GET/auth/login displays password for LDAP users when password is not provided.

Fixed the REST API functions POST/auth/login and POST/auth/loginPlainText to return error if a password is not provided.

Custom attribute: custom attribute value is cleared.

Fixed handling of existing custom attributes when adding new ones.

Physical data model: new diagram are not shown in the ER Diagrams tab after created

Fixed refreshing of the Diagrams list.

Worksheets: some queries are invalid after upgrading to 8.0

Upgraded obsolete glossary category filters: Glossary.Glossaries, Glossary.Categories and Glossary.Terms.

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