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Talend Data Catalog Bridges

New features and improvements

Feature Description

Amazon Redshift (via JDBC): enabled automatic JDBC driver download from Maven

Enabled automatic JDBC driver download from Maven if no driver location specified.

PostgreSQL (via JDBC): version update for security vulnerabilities

Updated JDBC driver version.

Informatica PowerCenter (Repository): new support for parametrization for none reusable worklet

Improved the bridge parameter model for non-reusable worklet and reusable session.

QlikSense: new support for Load statement syntax

Added support for Load statement syntax. Quoted table name in the label is supported.

Informatica Developer: removed deprecated Generated Workflow entity

Removed deprecated Generated Workflow entity which is not used by the bridge.

ETL/DI import bridges: added new entities and removed Package entity

Added new entities: Macro, Function, Namespace, Parameter, Parameters, Stored Procedure, Result Set, Result Column.

Removed Package entity.

Snowflake Database (via JDBC): new support for pipes, tasks, streams, and stages.

Added support for pipes, tasks, streams, and stages.

Tableau Server Extract (Hyper) Data Store: new support for Tableau Server Packaged Data Source

Extended the bridge to import packaged data sources (data sources with Hyper extracts).

MongoDB: improved the bridge

Added Alternative Data Types field.

Merged fields for same level in objects.

Added hierarchy for nested objects.

Databricks Notebooks: new Beta bridge

Added support for OPTIONS in CREATE TABLE statement and SHOW CREATE TABLE statement in Hive expression analyzer.

Oracle OBIEE: added Expression parser for Oracle BI publisher

Added Expression parser for Oracle BI Publisher.

IBM DataStage: added code to set default comma separator

Added code to set default comma separator if separator's value is empty.

QlikSense: new support for temporary tables

Added support for temporary tables.

Any Database JDBC import: harmonized Permission documentation

Harmonized the Permission section of the bridge documentation.

IBM Cognos Content Manager: new support for native SQL curly braces

Added support for curly braces.

Notable fixes

Issue Description

Microsoft SSIS: multi-statement SQL queries are not supported

Added support for multi-statements queries.

Amazon Redshift (via JDBC): database name is missing

Added -purview option to the Miscellaneous parameter to generate catalog folder/layer in MIR XMI file.

Talend Data Integration / Oracle Database (via JDBC): data flow lineage missing

Used Microsoft SQL Server parser instead of Generic SQL parser for Azure Synapse components.

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB NoSQL database: "MITI.MIRException: Wrong -path.substitute parameter set"

Fixed split for path with spaces.

Microsoft SSRS: empty space in path causes Illegal Argument: "Name already contains a Feature with this Name"

Fixed duplicate names when multiple datasets read the same measure.

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