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Tracing a data impact

Trace the path of any source object to understand how changing this element can impact the whole business intelligence process chain.

Before you begin

You have been assigned an object role with at least the Metadata Viewing capability.


  1. Open the object page.
  2. Click the Data Flow tab.
  3. Select Data Impact from the Type list.
  4. Click the End Objects tab to open the detailed column level lineage report.
    For example, you need to change the PTCID field in the source and you need to know how this change can impact the rest of your information system.
    You can see the list of the target objects directly impacted, such as all the BI reports.
  5. Click the Diagram tab to open a graphical view of the lineage.
    In this example, all the objects impacted by the change are highlighted in the diagram.

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