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REST API Documentation Setup

The REST API SDK documentation is based on and is not enabled by default for security reasons. You must first enable the MMDoc webapp using the Setup command line option or the UI:

$MM_HOME/ -we MMDoc -wa MMDoc

Here are the other related Setup parameters:

[{ -we | --webapp-enable }]... <string> WebApp: enable the specified webapp (MMDoc)

[{ -wd | --webapp-disable }]... <string> WebApp: disable the specified webapp (MMDoc)

[{ -wa | --webapp-all }]... <string> WebApp: allow all ip access to the specified webapp (MIMBWebServices,MMDoc)

[{ -wl | --webapp-local }]... <string> WebApp: allow only local ip access to the specified webapp (MIMBWebServices,MMDoc)

Alternatively, you can use the Setup UI as follows:

After restarting the MM Application Server, the REST API documentation is available within the UI by clicking on the user icon on the banner top right corner and select REST API (just below Help):

or go directly to the URL:

http://localhost: TDC /MM/REST-API

Information note

You must also assign the REST API access global role .

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