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The CONTEXT clause can be used to define the scope to look up the inferred business name and description attributes for data elements. Specify the path or object id of a repository model or version of a configuration, for example, /Configuration/Published, as the CONTEXT clause if you have the following system attributes in the SELECT or WHERE clause.

  • "Business Name Inferred" (Deprecated)
  • "Business Name Inferred Origin" (Deprecated)
  • "Business Description Inferred" (Deprecated)
  • "Business Description Inferred Origin" (Deprecated)
  • Context
  • Children
  • Parent
  • Collections
  • Documentation
  • "Mapped Documentation"
  • "Inferred Documentation"
  • "Sensitivity Label"
  • "Sensitivity Label Lineage Proposed"
  • Term
  • "Term Documentation"
  • Custom relationship

If not specified, the scope defined by the FROM clause will be used for the CONTEXT.

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