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Object ID Formats

Object ID is mostly used as a path parameter, sometimes a query parameter, and other times a property in the JSON body. The object can be a repository object, model object, glossary term, user, or group etc.

An object ID can take the following formats:

  • Object identifier: the concatenation of the Model Id and Object Id separated with an underscore ("_"). for example, "447_16". If the object is a repository object, the Model Id should be -1, for example, -1_4.
  • Object stable id: the Object stable identifier encoded in Base 64, for example, "AAEWKgAvI9AZRE0vJcG5qaLmIqLKpxodWA". Only a model object can have an object stable id. I.e. repository objects do not have stable ids.
  • Repository object path: the path of a repository object, for example, "/Configuration/Published". It can be used where a repository object ID is expected.

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