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Snowflake - Geography type

Snowflake supports geography type. However, Talend does not support it out of the box.

For more information about converting Strings to geography type, see the Snowflake documentation Geospatial Data Types.

By automatically applying the TO_GEOGRAPHY function, you can create a schema and test the data using a tFixedFlowInput component.

By defining your input schema as shown above and having the geography data represented by the following String:

POINT(-122.35 37.55)

The Snowflake table is defined like this:

create table "SAMPLEGEO" (str1 text, str2 geography, int1 number);

Using the tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec component results in the following:

Notice that the Talend String type is converted to geography in Snowflake.

If you are using String or Object data types, it is always worth checking if the special or exotic data types can be loaded into the database.

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