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Unable to publish an artifact to Talend Cloud?

Issue description

After right-clicking a Job and selecting Publish To Cloud in Talend Studio, there is no pop-up information and the Job is not successfully published. Checking the log, you may see the following:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/talend/designer/components/ipaas/actions/wizards/AbstractPublishWizardPage$WorkspaceLabelProvider
at org.talend.designer.components.ipaas.actions.wizards.AbstractPublishWizardPage.createControl(

Possible reason

The cause for this issue is that some Java class files required for the publish action are missing. Taking Talend 7.2.1 as an example, there should be around 28 Java class files in the \plugins\\org\talend\designer\components\ipaas\actions\wizards folder. Otherwise, it means that the Talend Studio package was not unzipped successfully, and such an issue occurs most likely because the Talend Studio installation path is too long.


Unzip the Talend Studio package to a folder that makes the installation path as short as possible and check that the above-mentioned folder contains the right number of Java class files.

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