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Collecting context information about a Remote Engine issue

Use a Remote Engine specific script, or talend-re-helper.bat, to collect context information about the issues you encountered.

You can then use this information yourself or send it to the Talend Support team for engine troubleshooting.

Only the information stored under the <RemoteEngineInstallation> folder and its sub-folders is collected. If you have configured your Remote Engine to place some working files outside the <RemoteEngineInstallation> folder, these files cannot be collected.

Only a Remote Engine from v2.10.7 and onwards supports this script.


  1. In your command-line terminal, go to the <RemoteEngineInstallation>/scripts folder.
  2. Run or talend-re-helper.bat.


    If you need help information about this script, run the script with the help parameter, for example:
    ./ --help
    You can run this script with your engine on or off. The engine is required to be on only when you need to collect the dump files about the engine container state.


This script generates an archive in the current directory with the following folders or files collected from your Remote engine machine:
  • Folders:
  • Files:
    • This system.txt stores the global information about Java and the system.
    • The CSV files list all the files added to this archive along with the metadata of these files, such as their paths in the Remote Engine machine, their owners and creation times.
  • Zips of dump files about the state of an engine container, such as its environment configuration and memory information. For example, a dump zip of this kind could be

    If you need to collect the dump files, your engine must be up and running when you run this script.

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