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What is a component

Basically a component is a functional piece that performs a single operation. For example, tMysqlInput extracts data from a MySQL table, tFilterRow filters data based on a condition.

Physically, a component is a set of files stored within a folder named after the component name. All native components developed using the javajet framework are located in either of the following directories, depending on the type of the components:

  • <Talend Studio installation dir>/plugins/org.talend.designer.components.localprovider_[version]/components, for Data Integration components, namely those used in Talend Jobs.
  • <Talend Studio installation dir>/plugins/org.talend.designer.camel.components.localprovider_[version]/components, for Mediation components, namely those used in Talend Routes.

Each component is a sub-folder under that directory, the folder name being the component name.

Graphically, a component is an icon that you can drag and drop from the Palette to the workspace.

Technically, a component is a snippet of generated Java code that is part of a Job or Route, which is a Java class. A Job or Route is made of one or more components or connectors. The Job or Route name will be the class name and each component in a Job or Route will be translated to a snippet of generated Java code. The Java code will be compiled automatically when you save the Job or Route.

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