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Talend Cloud Getting Started Guide

Talend Cloud
Talend Management Console
Talend Studio
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Talend Cloud includes the following online applications:
  • Talend Cloud Management Console
  • Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer
  • Talend Cloud Data Inventory
  • Talend Cloud Data Preparation
  • Talend Cloud Data Stewardship
  • Talend Cloud API Designer
  • Talend Cloud API Tester

Before you start working with the other applications or Talend Studio, you must set up your configuration in Talend Cloud Management Console. You can also run your Jobs, Routes, and Data Services published from Studio,or Pipelines published from Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer in Talend Cloud Management Console. For instructions, see Talend Cloud Management Console User Guide.

To start designing complex end-to-end Pipelines to process data at rest or in motion with Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer, see Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer Getting Started Guide.

To manage, maintain and share your data assets using Talend Cloud Data Inventory, see Talend Cloud Data Inventory User Guide.

To start preparing your data for analysis with Talend Cloud Data Preparation, see Talend Cloud Data Preparation Getting Started Guide.

To start managing your data assets and organizing data interactions with Talend Cloud Data Stewardship, see Talend Cloud Data Stewardship Getting Started Guide.

To start designing and documenting APIs with Talend Cloud API Designer, see Talend Cloud API Designer User Guide.

To start testing your APIs with Talend Cloud API Tester, see Talend Cloud API Tester User Guide.