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Importing the demo project into Talend Studio

The demo project contains several Jobs that are ready to be published to Talend Management Console.

In this guide, you work with the following use case: an online movie rental company collects customer records and stores them in Dropbox. Some viewing records generate royalties and some don't, depending on whether the viewer has watched 20% of the movie or less. You are going to use a Job to upload the list of records that generate royalties to Dropbox.

Before you begin

You have installed and launched Talend Studio and then connected Talend Studio to Talend Cloud. For more information, see Downloading and installing Talend Studio, Launching Talend Studio, and Connecting Talend Studio to Talend Cloud.


  1. In the Integration perspective of Talend Studio, click Import project on the toolbar.
  2. In the Import demos dialog box, select Talend Cloud Demos.
    Import demos dialog box.
  3. Click Finish.
  4. Click OK.


You can find the imported sample Jobs in the Repository tab. The Job that you will use is called Video_Viewers_Watch_Results_Log_Filter.
Screenshot of the content of the repository tab after importing the demo projects.

This Job connects to Dropbox, gets the content of the input file, filters out records not generating royalties, and uploads the results back to Dropbox.

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