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When using connection context parameters, you must define a connection in Talend Cloud Management Console to be able to run the published Job (Task).

Before you begin

  • You must have a Dropbox account.

About this task

You can select the connections needed from the defined connections prior to executing the Job. This way, you can execute the same Job on different Dropbox accounts.


  1. Go to Management.
  2. Select the correct environment from the top menu.
  3. Click Connections in the appropriate workspace.


  4. On the Connections page, click Add Connection.
  5. In the Add New Connection wizard, select the workspace in which to create the connection.
  6. Select the connector from the Application drop-down list.


  7. Enter a name for the connection.
    Note: You cannot create two connections with the same name.
  8. Enter the generated Dropbox token in the Access Token parameter value field.


  9. Click Save.