Business rule tools - 7.3

Talend Administration Center User Guide

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Administration and Monitoring

You can use the Drools web application integrated in Talend Administration Center to define business rules using any of the following formats:

  • Business Process: a workflow which describes the order in which a series of steps need to be executed, using a flow chart. It allows users to specify, execute and monitor their business logic using these processes.
  • DSL Business Rule: technical rules that use the Domain Specific Language in a sentence that maps to a condition or action statement to be used in a rule. Variables can be defined in the sentence, and then used in the rule statement. For more information, see Authoring Assets.
  • DRL Rule: technical rules that use the Drools Rule Language which provides, via mapping properties file, support for natural language. For more information, see Authoring Assets.
  • Decision Table: another way of creating and modifying rules on the run via the Decision Table view.

    Decision tables are a tool that defines rules that are represented as tables. Non-technical users can see the steps of a decision laid out graphically.

  • Decision Table (spreadsheet): Users may also author Decision Tables using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Guided Rule: rules created using the traditional rule syntax (statements). For more information, see Creating business rules.