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About this task

Note: Talend Project Audit is a deprecated feature in Talend Administration Center since Talend 7.1. While you can still use this feature in Talend Administration Center, you are recommended to audit your projects in Talend Studio.

The parameters used for driving audit and storing audit data are set up automatically during the process of installation of your Administration Center. The Configuration page allows you to check this configuration and specify the directory where you need to store the audit reports.


In the Reports stored path field of the Audit area, type in the path pointing to the folder of interest for storing the audit reports.
The other fields in this area present the connection parameters to the database, initially an H2 database named talend_audit, dedicated to storing audit data. With Talend Administration Center, you can manage this audit database the same way as you do to the database storing the data related to project information and administration. For further information about this way of management, see Checking the database connection details.
When need be, you are able to create a custom audit database using the Audit page of Talend Administration Center. For further information, see Customizing audit database.