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Configuring parameters according to your system

The parameters described in the following sections do not follow the same order as the application interface (which is alphabetical) because they are sorted in order of importance, from essential to optional. It it thus recommended to follow this order when configuring your application.
Module Description
Svn / Git
Talend Administration Center enables the management and administration of all projects. The Svn / Git parameters must be configured for project metadata to be stored in the SVN or Git server.
Information noteNote: The support for Apache Subversion version control servers is deprecated and will be removed in the next major release.
Security Policy

A user with Security Administrator role can choose to store Source Code Management user credentials in either Talend Administration Center or Talend Studio.

User Libraries

Some specific third-party Java libraries or database drivers can be required by Talend components or by connection wizards. The User Libraries has to be configured so that the external libraries that you have downloaded at Studio start-up can be shared if you are working in collaborative mode, and can be backed up if you migrate to a more recent version of Talend Administration Center.

CommandLine (deprecated) CommandLine is the equivalent of Talend Studio without GUI and it is needed to generate and export the Jobs developed with Talend Studio onto the Job servers, or export Services, Routes and data service Jobs onto Runtime servers.
Job Conductor

Job Conductor is required for deploying and executing tasks in Talend Administration Center.

ESB Service Locator and SAM

The Service Locator and the Service Activity Monitoring modules of ESB help you monitor service endpoint status and all events related to requests for services and replies respectively.

ESB Identity and Access Management

Talend Identity and Access Management is used to manage users and groups within the ESB Runtime environment. It is mandatory to use authentication and authorization with Talend ESB.

ESB Service Registry

To be able to manage services, policies and their relations in the Service Registry page, you need to properly set up the registry and the Service Registry feature.

ESB Provisioning Service

To be able to distribute features and resources, and configure your Talend Runtimes more easily via the Provisioning page, you need to properly set up the Provisioning Service feature.

Artifact Repository

To retrieve all the artifacts published in the artifact repository and configure their execution, you have to connect your Talend Administration Center to the artifact repository.

Monitoring / Logs

The monitoring modules allow you to monitor your Jobs and projects and to display the logged events. It is recommended to set up these modules for trouble shooting.


If you use an LDAP or LDAPS directory to list your resources, in particular your personnel, you can use this directory to authenticate the Administration Center users.


On Talend Administration Center, you can get notified when an event occurs. To realize this feature, you should first set up the parameters of the email system which will send notifications to you.

Software Update

To check for the latest patches of your Talend Studio, this module must be correctly configured.

Login Page

To force the logging out of a user who is already connected to a session with its credentials, you need to enable this option.


You can enable unified sign-on and authentication (SSO) to access Talend Administration Center through different Identity Provider systems (IdP) and to manage the roles and project types of the application users via the IdPs.

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