How to add publishing tasks on the Service, the data service Job and the Route - 7.3

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About this task

Follow these steps to add a publishing task on the Service first.


  1. On the top toolbar of the Publisher page, click Add to display the configuration panel of the task.


  2. In the Label field of the panel, type in the name of the task. Here it is airport. Fill a description in the Description field if needed.
  3. Select the project and the branch that holds the service in the Project and the Branch fields.
  4. Select Service in the Individual list and then in the Name list select the service you created in the Talend Studio, here it is airport. Select Latest in the Version list.
  5. Select the Publish as Snapshot check box.
  6. Keep the default settings of the other fields and save your task. The airport task is created.
    Repeat these steps to add a publishing task on the data service Job and the Route in the same way. When creating the publishing task on the data service Job, select Job in the Individual list, For the Route, select Route.